VIDEO—Terryl Givens, “Worlds Without End” (Lecture 4 of 4)

12.09.2019 | The Maxwell Institute

Part four of Terryl Givens’s lecture series is now available to watch online, “Worlds Without End.” In this four-part series, the Maxwell Institute’s Terryl Givens discusses “The Choice to Believe.”


The first, and in some ways most revolutionary, contribution of the Book of Mormon—reinforced by the Book of Moses—is the drastic reconfiguration of the story of Eden. Evil is only part of the story. In this re-writing, the focus is on the essential truth of the human condition: We inhabit an arena characterized by competing imperatives, cognitive dissonance, a “messy middle” in which no simple solutions to the perils of life exist. Mortality is “difficult by design.” Eve’s heroic decision, coming at such great cost, exemplifies the collateral damage inevitable in a crucible of learning. Christ’s role as Savior can be greatly enhanced in our lives when we learn that the Greek word, sodzo, also carries the valence of healing.

Lectures in this series include:
09/23—Lecture 1, “The Doors of Faith
10/21—Lecture 2, “Awful Woundedness
11/18—Lecture 3, “Great Plan of Happiness
12/9—Lecture 4, “Worlds Without End