VIDEO—Terryl Givens, “The Doors of Faith” (Lecture 1 of 4)

10.08.2019 | The Maxwell Institute

Part one of Terryl Givens’s four-lecture series is now available to watch online, “The Doors of Faith.”


Philosophers and theologians through the ages have recognized that in life’s greatest transactions, human reason comes up short in detecting sufficient grounds for decision making. If belief is to have any moral value whatsoever, then the human will must be involved in the choice to believe. Otherwise, belief would be forced rather than a matter of choice. The ambiguity of evidence, the maelstrom of competing voices, the indeterminacy of religious claims is not a defect in the plan: it is the precondition for its effective implementation.

In this four-part lecture series, the Maxwell Institute’s Terryl Givens will discuss “The Choice to Believe.”

Lecture Schedule Here