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Maxwell Institute books now available on Deseret Bookshelf

13 Jun Read
From Blair Hodges

If you’re a fan of the Deseret Bookshelf you can now add a bunch of Maxwell Institute titles to your collection. From our latest Living Faith book, One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly, to classics like John W. Welch’s The Legal Cases in the Book of Mormon, twenty-five titles are now available among Deseret Bookshelf’s 3,000-plus […]

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MIPodcast #63— “Works of Love in a World of Violence,” with Deidre Green

06 Jun Read
From The Maxwell Institute

Christians are commanded in scripture to love one another, to turn the other cheek and bless those who curse them. How can Christians meet these obligations when someone acts an abusive or even violent ways toward them? In this episode, we’re joined by Maxwell Institute visiting scholar Deidre Green. She is a theologian and author of […]

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New book on Law of Consecration now available

02 Jun Read
From Guest

Doctrine and Covenants section 42 draws Latter-day Saints to its message by many paths. Whether it is to study the meaning of consecration, to understand the revealed impetus behind the many attempts at LDS economic communalism in the nineteenth century, or to understand what the Lord called “the Law” given to his people in Kirkland, any reader who wants to understand the heart of the Restored gospel must come to terms with Doctrine and Covenants 42.

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