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MIPodcast #75—“To be learned is good,” with Richard Bushman

23 Jan Read
From Blair Hodges

Our 75th Episode! The Book of Mormon warns against mistaking intelligence for wisdom, but adds a crucial caveat: “to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God” (2 Nephi 9:29). Where LDS founding prophet Joseph Smith declared that a person is saved no faster than they get knowledge, historian Richard Bushman adds a corollary: A person gains knowledge no faster than they […]

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Netflix’s “Godless” replays old battle between Mormons and Americans

19 Jan Read
From Janiece Johnson

NOTE: This post contains spoilers about the Netflix series Godless. Since the nineteenth century, a public battle has been waged about the citizenship of Mormons in “Christian America.” Entire books have been written about ways Mormons have been otherized while fighting for perceived respectability. This battle resurfaced recently in the new “must-see” Netflix series Godless. The world […]

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Maxwell Institute teams up with University of Illinois Press on Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

17 Jan Read
From Joseph Spencer

In 1975, the University of Illinois Press published Robert Bruce Flanders’s book Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi. That publication marked the beginning of what would become a longstanding commitment on the part of UIP to make available solid academic work on the Latter-day Saint tradition. They’ve produced some of the most influential titles in the field of […]

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