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02.18.2022 | The Maxwell Institute

2021 Annual Report Now Available!

The Maxwell Institute’s 2021 Annual Report is now available to read online. You can also request a free print copy HERE. IN THIS ISSUE: —Jennifer Reeder’s 2021 Annual  Maxwell Lecture, “A Hair Wreath, A Bald Head, and a Usable Past: The Stuff of Discipleship” —Janiece Johnson’s Biennial Laura F. Willes Book of Mormon Lecture, “Documenting […]

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08.08.2022 | The Maxwell Institute

Abide: Psalms Part One

Psalms! There’s over 150 of them marked in the book by the same name in the Old Testament. How can we read them? Are they more useful as a narrative thread, or as a spice to season our spiritual diet? We’ll discuss that and much more on today’s episode of “Abide: A Maxwell Institute Podcast.”

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08.04.2022 | The Maxwell Institute

Abide: Job

Job, as a literary and biblical figure, gives us a lot to think about. He goes from riches to rags to riches again. He loses his family but begins another. He’s at the center of a contest between god and a devilish character. He relies on his friends but those same friends accuse him of […]

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07.31.2022 | The Maxwell Institute

Maxwell Institute Podcast #146: God’s Original Grace, with Adam Miller

In Original Grace, Adam S. Miller proposes an experiment in Restoration thinking: What if instead of implicitly affirming the traditional logic of original sin, we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, emphasized the deeper reality of God’s original grace? What if we broke entirely with the belief that suffering can sometimes be deserved and claimed that […]

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Spencer Fluhman

Executive Director

Spencer Fluhman is the executive director of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. He is also associate professor of history at Brigham Young University, where he teaches American religious history. He graduated summa cum laude from BYU and received masters and doctoral degrees in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Catherine Gines Taylor

Hugh W. Nibley Postdoctoral Fellow

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