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George Handley on building a culture worthy of our revealed truths

23 Apr Read
From Guest

I’m a religious person. I also consider myself to be an intellectual. As an intellectual—a humanities scholar in particular—I write and teach about human culture and engage in debate and research about a wide range of ideas and values. I’m familiar with philosophy. I consider myself rational. As a Latter-day Saint, I worship in church […]

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Mary Magdalene at the tomb

21 Apr Read
From Catherine Taylor

Here in Provence, France the mustard fields are draped in yellow, and irises, poppies, and wild thyme are in bloom. This landscape sharply contrasts to spring in my high desert homeland where snow in April often freezes the aspirations of daffodils and tender apricot blossoms. A new set of scenery is good for the senses […]

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MIPodcast #91—The contested history of religious freedom, with Tisa Wenger

16 Apr Read
From Blair Hodges

In this episode, historian Tisa Wenger of Yale University joins us to talk about religious freedom—the legal right to worship according to the dictates of a person’s own conscience. An important ideal to be sure, but—as historians like Wenger are fond of saying—it’s complicated. We’re talking about her new book Religious Freedom: The Contested History […]

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