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VIDEO—“The Living Reformation: 500 Years of Martin Luther”

22 Oct Read
From The Maxwell Institute

Video of the Institute’s recent conference, The Living Reformation: 500 Years of Martin Luther, are now available here and on our YouTube channel. Interviews with several presenters are available in a special series of Maxwell Institute Podcast episodes here (with a few more to come). Half a millennium ago, Martin Luther changed the Christian world forever […]

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MIPodcast #70—A Hindu perspective on being a disciple-scholar, with Ravi Gupta

17 Oct Read
From Blair Hodges

Who owns religion? Who gets to say what is right or wrong, fact or fiction about any religious tradition? Religious believers and scholars of religion don’t always see eye to eye on this question. In this episode, Dr. Ravi Gupta joins us to talk about where the academic study of religion meets the practice of […]

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“What history does to you is its use” (Nibley Fellow Reflections)

13 Oct Read
From Guest

Katherine Kitterman received a Nibley Fellowship during the 2016–17 school year. Kitterman is currently a PhD candidate in American History at American University in Washington, D. C. Her fields of emphasis are public history and women’s history. As the Maxwell Institute redirects our Nibley Fellowship funding away from individual stipends into a full post-doctoral fellowship, we’re […]

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