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VIDEO—Melissa Inouye, “Making Zion”

07.02.2019 | The Maxwell Institute

Melissa Inouye’s Living Faith lecture is now available to watch online: “Making Zion: Insights on Living with Contradictions from a Latter-day Saint Scholar.” Watch Latter-day Saint scholar Melissa Inouye is a self-described bald Asian American Latter-day Saint woman scholar. In her professional life she researches Chinese history and global Christian history. In her personal life […]

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#92—Joseph Smith’s Egyptian papers, with Robin Jensen & Brian Hauglid [MIPodcast]

06.27.2019 | Blair Hodges

Joseph Smith left a lot of documents behind when he died in 1844, from the mundane to the intriguing. Some of the more puzzling documents deal with a book of scripture in the Latter-day Saint canon called the Book of Abraham. Said to be translated from ancient papyrus, the scripture broadens the story of the […]

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Spencer Fluhman

Spencer Fluhman is the executive director of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. He is also associate professor of history at Brigham Young University, where he teaches American religious history. He graduated summa cum laude from BYU and received masters and doctoral degrees in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Deidre Nicole Green

Deidre Nicole Green is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. She earned a PhD in Religion from Claremont Graduate University, after receiving a Master of the Arts in Religion from Yale Divinity School and a Bachelor of the Arts in Philosophy from BYU. She is the author of Works of Love in a World of Violence (Mohr Siebeck, 2016), and “A Self That Is Not One: Kierkegaard, Niebuhr, and Saiving on the Sin of Selflessness,” The Journal of Religion 97 no. 2 (2017): 151-180. She has also published previously in Hypatia and Element, as well as in various anthologies. With Eric D. Huntsman, she is currently co-editing Perspectives on Mormon Theology: Atonement (forthcoming from Kofford Books).

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