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Sarah Stroumsa introduces the Library of Judeo-Arabic Literature

27 Oct Read
From Guest

This month, the Maxwell Institute’s Middle Eastern Texts Initiative inaugurates a new series called the Library of Judeo-Arabic Literature. We’re very pleased to announce the first title in the series is now available: Twenty Chapters, by Dawud al-Muqammas, translated by Sarah Stroumsa. Stroumsa is the Alice and Jack Ormut Professor of Arabic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We’ve invited her [. . .]

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MIPodcast #56—Mormons and American politics, with David E. Campbell and J. Quin Monson

25 Oct Read
From Blair Hodges

The deep red state of Utah is surprising pundits as the 2016 presidential election approaches. For the first time in over fifty years, the state is poised to vote for someone other than the Republican nominee. Mormons within the Republican party have been singled out as a significant reason Utah is looking elsewhere. It’s useful to […]

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WATCH: New trailer for Maxwell Institute film, “By Study and Also By Faith”

24 Oct Read
From The Maxwell Institute

As we approach our 10th anniversary celebration this week, we invite you to watch this trailer for the forthcoming film about the work of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute, “By Study and Also By Faith.” We hope to see you on Saturday, October 29th at the annual Neal A. Maxwell Lecture, to be delivered by […]

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