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MIPodcast #52—Reconceiving infertility in the Bible, with Candida Moss and Joel Baden

30 Aug Read
From Blair Hodges

“Be fruitful and multiply.” According to the book of Genesis, these are the first words God speaks to humanity. People have understood these words over the centuries as a commandment to procreate, and the ability to bear and raise children has been understood as a divine blessing. But what about people who can’t bear children due […]

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“…a rare thing on the American intellectual landscape” —Matthew Bowman on the 2016 Mormon Theology Seminar

28 Aug Read
From Guest

The Mormon theology seminar is a rare thing on the American intellectual landscape: an opportunity to apply and to exercise the academic discipline that I’ve been trained in, and which I use to earn a living, but to do so also in ways which foster spiritual discipline. The sort of rigorous reflection upon Mormon texts […]

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