The Book of Mormon: brief theological introductions wins “Special Award in Religious Nonfiction”

06.07.2021 | The Maxwell Institute

AML Press Release

The Association for Mormon Letters (AML) has awarded the Neal A. Maxwell Institute’s The Book of Mormon: brief theological introductions a “Special Award in Religious Nonfiction” at its 2021 conference. In the award’s citation, the jury noted that the brief theological introductions “provide accessible, thoughtful, and above all, incredibly engaging theological introductions to the books of the Book of Mormon…While the authors are trained in the academy, their positions are widely varied, and that variety of experience and perspective brings an unexpected richness to this project.” 

The Maxwell Institute is pleased that the series garnered AML’s recognition for both its devotional value and intellectual rigor. J. Spencer Fluhman, Maxwell Institute executive director, says, “We’re deeply honored by this award from the Association for Mormon Letters  and continue to be grateful for the work of so many in bringing this series to Latter-day Saint readers.” 

Philip Barlow, Maxwell Institute associate director, adds, “The authors, designers, and other contributors to the brief theological introductions series are grateful for this acknowledgement from the AML, which has done so much to champion quality literature to nourish Latter-day Saints.”

The series authors, editors, and illustrator are noted below, but the Maxwell Institute also recognizes the role of the research assistants, editorial assistants, publicity personnel, and production professionals who made the series a reality. We are especially grateful to the readers who made this collaboration well worth the effort.

General editors: Spencer Fluhman and Philip Barlow

Series editors: D. Morgan Davis, James E. Faulconer, Kristine Haglund, Joseph M. Spencer, Rosalynde Welch

Authors: Joseph M. Spencer, Terryl L. Givens, Deidre Nicole Green, Sharon J. Harris, James E. Faulconer, Kylie Nielson Turley, Mark Wrathall, Kimberly Matheson, Daniel Becerra, Adam S. Miller, Rosalynde Frandsen Welch, David F. Holland

Illustrator: Brian Kershisnik

Series Designer: Doug Thomas

You can learn more about The Book of Mormon: brief theological introductions at our website. You can also listen to authors discuss the books on the Maxwell Institute podcast

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