Rosemary Thackeray and John R. Rosenberg join the Institute’s Advisory Board

12.03.2019 | The Maxwell Institute

The Maxwell Institute is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our Advisory Board: Dr. Rosemary Thackeray and Dr. John R. Rosenberg.

Executive Director J. Spencer Fluhman welcomed them to the board in November prior to the Annual Neal A. Maxwell Lecture. “We’re excited to welcome Drs. Thackeray and Rosenberg to the Maxwell Institute advisory board,” Fluhman said. “They have long experience at Brigham Young University and are committed to helping the Institute realize the full potential of our significant mission.”

Dr. Thackeray currently serves as assistant to the president for planning and assessment at Brigham Young University. She is a professor of public health and has taught undergraduate courses in evaluation methods and graduate courses in survey and research methods.

Dr. Rosenberg is Associate Academic Vice President for Undergraduate Studies at Brigham Young University. He has been a professor of Spanish Literature at Brigham Young University since 1985. He earned his PhD at Cornell University and has taught and written primarily on Spanish letters and art from 1800 to the present.