Explore the Book of Mormon with the Maxwell Institute Podcast

01.07.2020 | Blair Hodges

Latter-day Saints are turning to the Book of Mormon for our home and Sunday school curriculum this year. Supplement your Come Follow Me study with these great episodes of the Maxwell Institute Podcast, with more to come as the year progresses!

Episode #98—Briefly First Nephi, with Joseph M. Spencer
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“I, Nephi…” We begin at the beginning, as Joseph M. Spencer offers a brief theological introduction to the book of First Nephi. What questions does Nephi’s book ask of us readers, and what questions are readers asking of the text today? This is the first in a series of interviews with authors of the Maxwell Institute’s new book series, The Book of Mormon: Brief Theological Introductions.


Episode #99—Briefly Second Nephi, with Terryl Givens
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Terryl L. Givens says many readers consider Second Nephi to be the most challenging part of the scripture. His brief theological introduction helps readers see the patterns and desires of Nephi, who used his own prophecies and the words of Isaiah to restore a vision of God’s covenant with Nephi’s descendants, and with believers today.


Episode #07—“Joseph Smith’s American Bible,” by Terryl Givens
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Terryl L. Givens presented the 2009 Laura F. Willes Book of Mormon lecture, “Joseph Smith’s American Bible: Radicalizing the Familiar.” Terryl L. Givens explores four motifs woven throughout the Book of Mormon—revelation, Christology, Zion, and scripture. Givens says these motifs are introduced in the visionary experiences of Lehi in the very beginning of the book, and are woven throughout the rest of the ancient record.


#32—The printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon, with church historian Robin Scott Jensen
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Most of the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon was tragically destroyed by the elements long ago. But the printer’s manuscript which was used to typeset the Book of Mormon is almost completely intact. Robin Scott Jensen co-edited the printer’s manuscript for the Joseph Smith Papers Project. It offers fascinating insight into the production of this keystone Latter-day Saint scripture.


#90—Editing and illuminating the Book of Mormon, with Grant Hardy and Brian Kershisnik
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The Maxwell Institute Study Edition of the Book of Mormon was published in 2019. We see it as a watershed moment in the history of Latter-day Saint scripture publishing—the first study edition ever published by a church affiliate, and it includes new formatting, useful footnotes, original artwork, and more. Editor Grant Hardy and artist Brian Kershisnik offer an insider’s look at the process of loving and publishing scripture.


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