#32—The printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon, with church historian Robin Scott Jensen [MIPodcast]

  • JSP-RevTrans-V3-Part-1_CoverThere’s a bold claim on the dust jacket of the latest volume of the Joseph Smith Papers Project:

    The Book of Mormon is the centerpiece of Joseph Smith’s documentary record.”

    Arguably, without the Book of Mormon we may not even need a Joseph Smith Papers Project, whose goal is to publish a comprehensive record of documents created by Joseph Smith or people who he directed. This includes journals, revelations and translations, contemporary reports of discourses, minutes, business and legal records, editorials, and other things. Robin Scott Jensen co-edited the recently-published printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon. Most of the original manuscript was destroyed by the elements long ago, but the printer’s manuscript which was used (for the most part) to typeset the Book of Mormon is almost completely intact. And it offers some fascinating insight into the production of the keystone LDS scripture. A brief book note describing the latest volume of the Joseph Smith Papers Project appears in the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies vol. 24. Non-subscribers can read that book note free of charge here.

    About the Guest

    Jensen-RobinRobin Scott Jensen is a historian for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Together with Royal Skousen he edited the Printer’s Manuscript of the Book of Mormon, volume three of the Revelations and Translations series of the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

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