VIDEO—David A. Hollinger, “American Missionaries and the Struggle for Control of Christianity’s Symbolic Capital”

11.13.2019 | The Maxwell Institute

David A. Hollinger’s guest lecture is now available to watch online, “American Missionaries and the Struggle for Control of Christianity’s Symbolic Capital


How did American Protestant missionaries attempt broader engagement with the varieties of faith generated in post-Reformation Europe and the United States and the cultural diversity of the globe? How did the indigenous peoples missionaries encountered make use of Christianity, challenging missionaries’ assumptions and altering the expectations of support groups at home? Drawing on his recent book Protestants Abroad (2017), acclaimed historian David A. Hollinger discusses historical efforts to spread the gospel to populations beyond the North Atlantic West.

About the Speaker

David A. Hollinger (born April 25, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois) is the Preston Hotchkis Professor of History, emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. His specialty is in American intellectual history. He is the author of a number of books on religion and society, including Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried to Change the World But Changed America (Princeton University Press).


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