Our thanks and best wishes to David Calabro

08.20.2016 | The Maxwell Institute

Calabro David 06 (2)The Maxwell Institute wishes to thank David Calabro for his important contributions since joining our team in 2013. Calabro helped edit Arabic and Hebrew material in our Middle Eastern Text Initiative publications including the Medical Works of Moses Maimonides. Among other projects, he also assisted with Kristian Heal’s revised digital version of the Compendious Syriac Dictionary and helped Brian Hauglid on studies in the intertextuality of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian narratives of biblical prophets, focusing on an unpublished manuscript of the Book of the Beginning by Ishaq ibn Bishr. Calabro is leaving us to take a two-year full-time postdoctoral fellowship at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, the largest repository of digitized Eastern Christian manuscripts in the world. The HMML is located at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. We’ll miss his keen intellect and, even more, his kind and humble presence at the Institute. We wish him all the best as he assists HMML with online cataloging of unpublished Eastern Christian manuscripts in Arabic, Syriac, and Coptic. By making their ancient manuscripts more available to scholars worldwide, Calabro continues working in the spirit of the Maxwell Institute’s own mission as well.