Now available—George Handley’s ‘The Hope of Nature’

02.21.2020 | The Maxwell Institute

Available March 10

Environmental catastrophe looms larger in public consciousness today than perhaps at any other moment in human history. Rising temperatures, air and water pollution, extreme weather—what could the restored gospel of Jesus Christ offer in a time such as this?

George B. Handley believes the gospel offers hope—not by promising the faithful an escape from the responsibilities of our stewardship over God’s creation, but by urging us to confront the global reality of our situation with faith, diligence, and courage.

The Maxwell Institute is excited to announce the next title in our Living Faith Series: The Hope of Nature: Our Care for God’s Creations. This collection of nine essays brings together over seventeen years of scholarship and writing by George Handley, a leading voice on the relationship between the Latter-day Saint faith and the environment.

*Is climate change really something Latter-day Saints need to be concerned about?
*Are we caring too much about the earth rather than the people who live on it? What about the poor?
*What do the scriptures say about our stewardship of the earth?

*If the most drastic scientific projections are accurate, is there any reason for hope?
*What can Latter-day Saints do to help? 

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About the Author

George Handley teaches interdisciplinary humanities at Brigham Young University, where he also serves as the associate director of the Faculty Center. He received his BA from Stanford University and his MA and PhD in comparative literature at UC Berkeley. His scholarly publications and creative writing focus on the intersection between religion, literature, and the environment. His books include the memoir Home Waters: A Year of Recompenses on the Provo River, the novel American Fork, and two collections of essays in the Living Faith series entitled If Truth Were a Child and The Hope of Nature.