Now available for pre-order: The New Testament Made Harder

04.08.2015 | The Maxwell Institute

So much of modern life is geared toward finding faster and easier ways to do the same old things. The Made Harder series is proof that making things easier doesn’t always make them better—especially when it comes to our study of sacred scripture. This new series from Latter-day Saint philosopher James E. Faulconer raises many more questions than it answers…and that’s precisely the point!

The final volume in the series, The New Testament Made Harder, will appear on May 12. Pre-order your copy now!

Most scripture commentaries provide useful shortcuts, chapter synopses, timelines, and memorizable bullet-points. The New Testament Made Harder consists almost entirely of challenging questions (with occasional commentary for clarity’s sake) because, in Faulconer’s experience, questions are the key to reflective and deep scripture study. This book is intended to make reading harder—and fresher—by priming your pondering pump with insightful study questions.

The Made Harder series is the perfect tool to improve personal and family scripture study, sacrament meeting talks, or Sunday School lessons.

Read more about the Made Harder series here.

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