‘3rd, 4th Nephi: a brief theological introduction’ now available for pre-order

10.28.2020 | The Maxwell Institute

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“And now Father, I pray unto thee for them . . . that I may be in them as thou, Father, art in me, that we may be one.”

Generations of prophecy are fulfilled when Jesus Christ visits the people of the Book of Mormon following his crucifixion and resurrection. In his short time among these “other sheep,” Christ teaches about the path of discipleship, inaugurating a centuries-long period of righteous peace and prosperity in Nephite society.

In this brief theological introduction, Daniel Becerra enlists 3 and 4 Nephi as aids in the disciple’s pursuit of Christ and Christlikeness. What do these books reveal about divine nature, human nature, and the means of bridging the gap between the two?

Becerra places Christ at the center of all theological thinking in his interpretation of these remarkable books of scripture. He proposes that the fullest expression of discipleship—Christlikeness—can only be found in community and collaboration.

NOTE: Books should be available to ship from the BYU Store before December. Pre-sale copies will be available from Deseret Book and Amazon shortly. Ebook and audiobook is also on the way!

More series details and answers to frequently asked questions are available at mi.byu.edu/brief.