Subscriptions now open for Mormon Studies Review and Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

02.23.2018 | The Maxwell Institute

In case you missed it, the Maxwell Institute recently announced a new partnership with the University of Illinois Press to publish our two flagship periodicals, the Mormon Studies Review and Journal of Book of Mormon Studies We’re pleased to announce subscriptions are now open. Digital subscriptions to each periodical are $20 annually. Print subscriptions, which include digital access, cost $35 annually. As part of the new partnership, each journal will be also available through JSTOR, thereby providing access to those who affiliate with academic institutions who provide JSTOR access. This fulfills an important goal the Institute has pursued for years. This new partnership enables us to reach a broader audience and to plug our journals more securely into rigorous and scholarly work on Mormon subjects. It also sets the Institute on more fiscally sustainable path moving forward. We are grateful to our subscribers, to the scholars who contribute to our periodicals, to the editorial teams that shepherd them through production, and to the University of Illinois Press. Go here to subscribe today.