The Middle Eastern Texts Initiative looks ahead to 2014

12.09.2013 | The Maxwell Institute

The past year has been a busy one, especially behind the scenes, for the Maxwell Institute’s Middle Eastern Texts Initiative. Our new website is up and running and we’re planning to unveil additional offerings there in the near future. We’ve also been preparing a number volumes for publication. We’ve overcome the editorial snags that hindered a few volumes originally scheduled for publication this fall, which are currently being printed. And there are other books in the pipeline slated to appear in 2014:

From the Islamic Translation Series:

Mulla Sadra, The Book of Metaphysical Penetrations (Kitab al-Musha’r)Translated by Seyyed Hossein Nasr; editedintroduced, and annotated by Ibrahim Kalin.

The Alexandrain Epitomes of Galen, Volume 1: On the Medical Sects for Beginners; The Small Art of Medicine; On the Elements according to the Opinion of Hippocrates. Translated, annotated, and with an introduction by John Walbridge.

From the Eastern Christian Texts series:

On This Day: The Armenian Church Lectionary (Yaysmawurk’), Volume 1: January. Translated by Edward G. Matthews, Jr.

From the Medical Works of Moses Maimonides series

Moses Maimonides, On Rules Regarding the Practical Part of the Medical Art. Edited and translated by Gerrit Bos and Y. Tzvi Langermann.

Moses Maimonides, Medical Aphorisms: Treatises 16–21 (Volume 4). Edited and translated by Gerrit Bos.

Coming Soon:

Finally, I’m excited to report that in March of next year, we will officially announce the name of an exciting new series joining the METI family. A lot of work has already gone into the initial planning of this project, and we look forward to sharing more information about it very soon! Also, keep watching the blog and Facebook for more insight about these and other works from METI.