Hauglid: Passing the torch with latest Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

05.24.2017 | The Maxwell Institute

I’m excited to announce the publication of the 2017 issue of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. This is my fourth and last issue as editor of JBMS, and I feel like I’m leaving on a great note. This issue encapsulates what we as an editorial team have been trying to do since we first started in 2013: to widen the field of Book of Mormon studies to include studies related to its historicity, its reception, its literary value, its intertextuality, and its theological depth. To one degree or another, all of these areas of focus can be found in the current issue of JBMS. Timely book reviews and notes also appear and will, no doubt in my mind, be interesting and helpful to readers. The team and I have chosen three great pieces that non-subscribers can read free of charge in order to get a taste for what’s included in volume 27:

—First, check out Michael Austin’s theory of types in the Book of Mormon. 

Janiece Johnson’s review of the Joseph Smith Papers edition of the Book of Mormon printer’s manuscript may also be of interest.

—Finally, Jason Kerr contributed a path-breaking and important analysis of a verse in Moroni that has troubled some Book of Mormon readers on the topic of chastity and virtue. Not to be missed.

I wish to express deep gratitude to my associate editors, Joseph Spencer and Mark Wright, for their untiring support as we reshaped JBMS to reflect a widened research agenda from both the LDS and non-LDS academic communities. I thank them for putting in countless hours of reviewing manuscripts, mentoring authors, and offering counsel in many hours of meeting as we discussed how best to position JBMS for the foreseeable future. My profound appreciation also goes out to Janiece Johnson, who worked tirelessly to find reviewers for important books related to Book of Mormon studies. I wish her well in her new appointment as the Willes Center Research Associate for 2017–2018. Finally, I wish I had the power of words to adequately thank Shirley Ricks, our production editor, for her tireless work in bringing the contents of JBMS from their manuscript form to the publishable form our readers enjoy. As I sign off, I want to congratulate Joseph Spencer as he takes JBMS into its next few years. I’m confident Joe will continue to produce and facilitate quality articles, book reviews, and notes that will be engaging and significant for Book of Mormon studies. Enjoy volume 27!