James S. Jardine’s lecture, “Elder Neal A. Maxwell: A Disciple’s Light”

04.12.2013 | The Maxwell Institute

James S. Jardine recently presented the seventh annual Neal A. Maxwell Lecture, “Elder Neal A. Maxwell: A Disciple’s Light.” The lecture is now available on our YouTube channel.

The lecture focused on Elder Neal A. Maxwell as an example of thoughtful discipleship. Jardine related personal stories about Elder Maxwell’s public, church, and personal service and emphasized the need for meekness and charity when explaining, defending, or teaching about the gospel. At the conclusion of the lecture, Jardine described Elder Maxwell’s experience of writing his first conference address as a newly called apostle. (See the address, “O, Divine Redeemer!” here.)

Those who in the future will read Elder Maxwell’s talks and his thirty books will be…deeply impressed by the qualities of his mind. It is in part due to those intellectual qualities, reflected over the years in his writing and speaking, that this Institute bears his name.” —James S. Jardine

About James S. Jardine

While a student at the University of Utah, Jardine took several classes from Neal A. Maxwell and they developed a lifelong relationship through church service and other activities. Jardine is now an attorney specializing in business, antitrust, securities, and intellectual property litigation. His civic-mindedness has afforded him opportunities to lend his professional expertise to a number of important concerns, from acting as outside counsel to the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee to serving as a member of the Board of Regents of the Utah System of Higher Education, as chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Utah, and as a governor of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves in the church as chair of the Public Affairs Council in Salt Lake City.