In memoriam: Richard Lloyd Anderson (1926-2018)

08.13.2018 | The Maxwell Institute

Latter-day Saint scholar Richard Lloyd Anderson has died. Dr. Anderson was a long-time contributor to FARMS and Maxwell Institute publications, specializing in historical research about the 19th-century witnesses to the Book of Mormon. Dr. Anderson’s research was so far-reaching that when the time came to publish a festschrift in his honor it was decided to create two volumes—one reflecting his work on the ancient world, the other focused on his more contemporary subjects. You can read these volumes online here and here. You can see a list of Dr. Anderson’s contributions to our past publications here. Christopher Jones snapped this photo of Dr. Anderson earlier this summer as Anderson headed to “the tiny office—filled from floor to ceiling with books and notes—he kept on the 5th floor of Harold B. Lee Library.” Richard Lloyd Anderson was a dedicated scholar to the end.