Hot off the press: Journal and Insights

08.05.2013 | The Maxwell Institute

The latest issue of the Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture is in the mail. James Faulconer kicks off volume 22 number 1 with his recent Laura F. Willes Book of Mormon lecture, “Sealings and Mercies: Moroni’s Final Exhortations in Moroni 10.” (Also available on YouTube.) Faulconer offers a fresh reading of one of the most-quoted excerpts from the Book of Mormon. A reprint of John Welch’s “Reusages of the Words of Christ” concludes the issue.

Journal editor Paul Hoskisson has gathered five other interesting pieces for your consideration. In “Abraham and Idrimi,” John Gee describes parallels between the Book of Abraham and another text about an ancient man called Idrimi. Matthew Roper examines the claim that Joseph Smith identified the ancient city of Manti in the article, “How Much Weight Can a Single Source Bear?: The Case of Samuel D. Tyler’s Journal Entry.” Alexander Baugh’s companion article, “Kirtland Camp, 1938: Bringing the Poor to Missouri,” provides historical context for Roper’s piece. Finally, Parrish Brady and Shon Hopkin contribute a great piece on the symbolism of costly apparel in the Book of Mormon; “The Zoramites and Costly Apparel: Symbolism and Irony” is the result of a close reading of the Book of Mormon text. The issue also features two original paintings by young LDS artist Annie Henrie commissioned especially for the Journal.

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