Looking ahead with the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

04.14.2014 | Brian Hauglid

I was delighted last year to be appointed director of the Maxwell Institute’s Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies. My new responsibilities include serving as editor of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, so I’m taking this opportunity to let readers know what they can look forward to.

The Journal is the premier venue to promote interesting and responsible attention to the Book of Mormon—alongside other sacred texts—in the wider academic arena. In order to better align it with the academic directives of the Institute and Brigham Young University, the peer-reviewed Journal will be dedicated to the academic study of the Book of Mormon from a wider variety of perspectives and disciplines than ever before. Its expanded scope will include research of the highest quality reflecting on the text’s various meanings, internal structure, literary features, reception history, documentary sources, historical provenance, theological implications, and comparative significance. We also plan to increase outreach to Mormon and non-Mormon scholars in the fields of religious studies, Mormon studies, and other relevant fields.

In addition to restoring the Journal‘s original name, there are a few other changes I should mention. Under my direction the Journal will be published once rather than twice per year in a smaller format with fewer color images. New subscriptions will cost $15 rather than $30 per year. (We’ll extend your subscription as needed if you already subscribed at the $30 rate.) We’re currently making plans to provide digital-only subscriptions as well. You’re welcome to contact us with questions regarding your subscription at 801-422-9229. As previously announced, I’ve appointed Mark A. Wright and Joseph M. Spencer as my associate editors. Wright earned a PhD in anthropology at UC Riverside and currently teaches in the ancient scripture department at Brigham Young University. Spencer is a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of New Mexico. We’re currently in the process of forming a journal advisory board. We’re also seeking high-quality contributions; please see here for submission details.

To sum up:
—Original title restored.
—New editor, associate editors, and advisory board.
—Wider scope.
—Smaller format, new cover.
—Switching to annual rather than biannual.
—Now priced at $15 per year, with digital subscription option forthcoming.
—Now accepting article submissions.

I’d like to thank Paul Y. Hoskisson, whose editorship ended with the publication of issue 22/2, for so gracefully handing off the baton. I also thank you for your continued interest in the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies—a journal that, above all else, seeks to foster ever better readings of this marvelous scriptural text.