Free scripture index for The New Testament Made Harder now available

09.04.2015 | The Maxwell Institute

The New Testament Made Harder is the perfect study aid for people who teach or attend Gospel Doctrine class each Sunday. That’s because James E. Faulconer organized each “Made Harder” book according to the LDS Church’s official Gospel Doctrine manuals. Faulconer’s guiding questions can easily be integrated into a Sunday school lesson or into your own personal or family study throughout the week.

The downside to this organization, of course, is that some readers use the “Made Harder” books apart from the Gospel Doctrine lesson outlines. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy Scripture Index for The New Testament Made Harder, listing each New Testament chapter and its corresponding page number. This index makes the book more accessible to seminary and Institute teachers, youth teachers, sacrament meeting talk preparers, and anyone else hoping to enrich their scripture study.


You can download your free scripture index for The New Testament Made Harder HERE.   

P. S.—Scripture indexes are currently being prepared for the other three books in the “Made Harder” series. We hope to integrate them into the ebook editions in the coming months so those who already purchased the books can benefit from them.