‘First Nephi: a brief theological introduction’ available for preorder

01.21.2020 | The Maxwell Institute

I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents…”

So begins the first book in the Book of Mormon, as the prophet Nephi brings us through the wilderness to a promised land where his family fractures rather than flourishes. But in spite of that tragedy, Nephi points us to the hope he found in his father’s inspired dream for the future. And driven by his father’s fears and faith, he sought and received his own revelations about how his people might someday find redemption—and might ultimately help bring about the redemption of Israel and the entire human family.

In this brief theological introduction, philosopher and theologian Joseph M. Spencer investigates the central themes and purposes of a book he calls a “theological masterpiece.” What was Nephi trying to accomplish with his writings? How can readers today make better sense of Nephi’s words? What can an ancient seer offer readers in the twenty-first century? Spencer introduces a Nephi for our moment, a complex prophet with an urgent message for a world in turmoil.

Available for pre-order now.

Print copies available February 14. Ebook by the end of January.
Series details at mi.byu.edu/brief.