Helaman: Book of Mormon Conversations, with the John A. Widtsoe Foundation

Sunday, October 25

6 PM (MST)


In this week’s Book of Mormon Conversation, Kimberly Berkey talks about her brief theological introduction to the book of Helaman with a board member of the John A. Widtsoe Foundation.

Berkey says much remains to be discovered in this slim record of Helaman in the Book of Mormon. She invites us to become more aware of the hidden and often overlooked things that shape our lives as disciples of Christ.

Kimberly Matheson Berkey is a doctoral student in theology at Loyola University Chicago, where she studies the philosophy of religion. She serves on the boards of the Latter-day Saint Theology Seminar and the Book of Mormon Studies Association and has contributed several articles to the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

We encourage attendees to respectfully participate in the discussion chat, submit questions, and enjoy a dynamic conversation about Book of Mormon principles and how they inspire us to develop and improve our lives and communities.


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