“Apoca-lore,” with Christopher James Blythe and J. Spencer Fluhman

Wednesday, October 7

5:30 PM (MST)


“Apoca-lore: Latter-day Saint Literature & Folklore of the End Times”

Is it the end of the world as we know it? How have Latter-day Saints thought about the last days over the course of Church history?

The Maxwell Institute presents a special online event celebrating the publication of Christopher James Blythe’s new book Terrible Revolution: Latter-day Saints and the American Apocalypse. Institute executive director Spencer Fluhman will sit down with Dr. Blythe to talk about Latter-day Saint folklore and literature on the last days.

Following their discussion, Dr. Blythe will be available online at the Institute’s YouTube channel to field questions from viewers like you.

(Note: He does not have a prediction for the end of the world, however. Sorry!)

WATCH: youtube.com/themaxwellinstitute. EXACT LINK FORTHCOMING.