Alma 1–29: Book of Mormon Conversations, with the John A. Widtsoe Foundation

Sunday, October 11

6:00 PM


In this week’s Book of Mormon Conversation, John A. Widtsoe Foundation Secretary Chris Eastland will be speaking with BYU professor Kylie Nielson about her brief theological introduction to the first 29 chapters of the book of Alma.

In this brief theological introduction to the first twenty-nine chapters of the book of Alma, literary scholar Kylie Nielson Turley considers how Alma’s profound transformation from anti-Christ to high priest of the church of God can deepen our understanding of Christ’s mercy. What if God forgives and forgets but humans do not? Does following God ensure a less painful life? Is it faithless to mourn, question, or cry out when beset by sin, violence, or death?
Turley foregrounds Alma as a man who sinned grievously and who was grievously sinned against, a man who found hope and healing in the darkest abyss, a man whose words offer hope and healing to a burdened world.

Kylie Nielson Turley has taught writing, rhetoric, and literature classes since 1997 at Brigham Young University, where she emphasizes a literary approach to the Book of Mormon in her Literature of the LDS People course. She has published articles on Alma, LDS “home literature” fiction and poetry, and Utah and LDS women’s history. She is also the author of numerous personal essays.

We encourage attendees to respectfully participate in the discussion chat, submit questions, and enjoy a dynamic conversation about Book of Mormon principles and how they inspire us to develop and improve our lives and communities.

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