Digital subscriptions to our journals now available

10.30.2014 | The Maxwell Institute

The Maxwell Institute publishes three journals focused on religious texts and the Mormon tradition. The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies features sophisticated scholarship on the keystone Restoration scripture. Studies in the Bible and Antiquity focuses on the Bible and the ancient world. And our Mormon Studies Review is the premier venue for chronicling and assessing the developing field of Mormon studies.

For the first time ever, we are offering digital subscriptions for all three of our periodicals. For ten dollars per year you can access all three on our website in HTML format or via PDF download.

For fans of the literally printed word (I still love the heft of a book, the smell of the paper, and I keep my highlighters nearby to annotate each page) you can still subscribe individually to each journal in print at the rate of $25 each. Subscribing to any of the journals also gives you digital access to all three. You’ll be given a log-in account which grants access to the journals on our website.

The contents of each periodical will be made available free of charge after one year when the next volumes are published.

Go here to subscribe today. You’ll receive instant access to the full Mormon Studies Review volume 1. Volume two of the Mormon Studies Review is nearing completion, as is the next volume of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. You’ll receive access to them when they are published in the coming weeks.

We’re producing some exciting things and we’d love to share them with you. If you have any questions, please contact us here.