CPART welcomes Carl Griffin and David Calabro

01.23.2015 | The Maxwell Institute

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Carl Griffin has returned to the staff of the Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts after four years in administrative and other assignments at the Maxwell Institute. He will serve as the Associate Director of the Center, with particular responsibility for manuscript projects. He will lead the Center’s Vatican Syriac manuscripts project, oversee the digitization of the S. Kent Brown collection of Christian Oriental manuscripts on microfilm, direct projects and research in the reception of the Bible in Late Antique and Medieval Christianity, and continue to serve as the Editor of Studies in the Bible and Antiquity.

Dr. Kristian Heal continues in his role as the Director of the Center, with particular responsibility for the Center’s digital text projects, including the Oxford-BYU Syriac Corpus project and the Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library. He is assisted in this work by Dr. David Calabro (PhD, University of Chicago). Dr. Calabro joined the CPART staff this month after working for the past year with the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative.