CPART celebrates 2013, looks ahead to 2014

12.27.2013 | The Maxwell Institute

The big news for 2013 was CPART’s agreement with the Vatican Apostolic Library to continue the Syriac manuscript research and publication project. The next phase of the project will focus on 80 Vatican Syriac manuscripts. These manuscripts will appear online, be freshly catalogued, studied, and made the subject of an academic conference. Of course, we haven’t just been waiting around for these 80 splendid manuscripts to be photographed! This year we published online digital facsimiles of over two-hundred Arabic, Coptic, Syriac, and Garshuni manuscripts from the Brown Collection. And we plan to publish hundreds more manuscripts from this and other collections in the coming years. A steady stream of CPART Student assistants is essential to the production and delivery of such resources. Working with such brilliant people is another highlight of 2013.

The links that punctuate this report are only possible because in 2013 CPART launched a dynamic website and a Facebook page. This new site has been a long time coming, but we hope it was worth waiting for! The website is the forum for publishing CPART content and resources, while the Facebook page delivers news about CPART projects and publications, together with news and other resources relating to the study of manuscripts, manuscripts culture, Syriac studies, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other good stuff.

Looking forward to 2014, I’m particularly excited about these five things: