Celebrating 25 years of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

04.15.2016 | The Maxwell Institute

3 The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies turns 25 years old this year and the editors want to celebrate. They’ve put together a special anniversary issue that includes a look at the Journal‘s history and a prospective essay looking to the future. What’s more, they invited scholars to sound off on Grant Hardy’s groundbreaking book Understanding the Book of Mormon: A Reader’s Guide (Oxford University Press, 2010). What resulted is a collection of outstanding essays about Hardy’s work by Amy Easton-Flake, Daniel C. Peterson, Jana Riess, John Christopher Thomas, and others. The issue also includes a Q&A and concluding essay from Hardy himself reflecting on his work and the responses he’s received thus far. Volume 25 of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies will be available online next Friday, April 22. Print subscribers will receive a copy shortly thereafter. If you subscribed to the Journal within the past 12 months you’ll receive two volumes for the price of one (vol. 24 and 25). If you are not yet a subscriber, go to mi.byu.edu/subscribe. Digital subscriptions cost $10. Print subscriptions cost $25 and include digital access. All subscribers also receive access to premium online content like our new Proceedings of the Mormon Theology Seminar book series and Joseph M. Spencer’s An Other Testament: On Typology. The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies is the premier journal for Book of Mormon scholarship. Its editors continue to build with gratitude on the work of the past while raising the bar yet again.