[Watch:] Sam Brown discusses First Principles and Ordinances at Benchmark Books

12.01.2014 | Blair Hodges

A few weeks ago we announced the release of the new title in our Living Faith books seriesLiving Faith books are for readers who cherish the things of the Spirit and the life of the mind. They exemplify faith in search of understanding. They offer fresh and faithful perspectives that commend, defend, and explore the faith of Latter-day Saints.

Samuel M. Brown’s First Principles and Ordinances is the second title in the Living Faith books series. Robert L. Millet, Brigham Young University professor of religious education, described the book this way:

Hyrum Smith the Patriarch counseled the Saints to ponder and study, again and again, the First principles of the gospel. He assured us that as we do so, deeper insights and meaningful applications would follow. Samuel Brown’s excellent book confirms Hyrum’s charge. The combination of Brown’s discipline, depth, and devotion result in a study that is at once both intellectually stimulating and spiritually inspiring. One thing is for sure: After reading this work, a Latter-day Saint will never see the fourth article of faith in the same way.”

Brown spoke about the book last month at Benchmark Books in Salt Lake City. You can watch that event here:

This Thursday morning at 11:30 Brown will be signing copies of First Principles and Ordinances at Eborn Books in Salt Lake City (254 S. Main St.). Come say hello and pick up a few copies of this great new book.