2015 Summer Symposium on Mormon Culture program announced for July 23

07.20.2015 | The Maxwell Institute

Organizing the Kingdom:
Priesthood, Church Government,
and the Forms of LDS Worship”

Thursday, July 23
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST
Brigham Young University
Joseph F. Smith Building
Room B094


10:00 AM
Invocation: Fiona Givens
Introduction: Terryl Givens

10:10 AM
Jeff Turner: “The First Vision and Mormon Evangelizing”

10:40 AM
Joshua Matson: “’For Their Benefit in Their Experience and Travels in the Flesh’: Discerning Spirits in LDS Theology”

11:10 AM
Benjamin Keogh: “There is a Priest-Hood with the Holy Ghost”

11:40 AM
Michael Ulrich and Salvatore Corrado: “‘The Old Catholic Church Is Worth More Than All’: Joseph Smith and Catholicism”



1:30 PM
Hans Noot: “The Reformation and Its Many and Changing Faces”

2:00 PM
Katherine Kitterman: “Fasting and Piety in Early Mormonism”

2:30 PM
Rosemary Demos: “The Unsure Word of Prophecy”

3:00 PM
Ugo A. Perego: “The Changing Forms of the Sacrament”

3:30 PM
Ezra Steinvoorte: “Mormonism as a Worldwide Church: The Viability of a Label”

4:00 PM
Richard Sleegers: “Pedagogy of Perfection: Joseph Smith’s View of Teaching Perfectionism and its Contemporary Applicability”

4:30 PM
Koen van de Glind: “Mormonism: An Answer to Postmodernity”


Brigham Young University
Joseph F. Smith Building
Room B094

*This yearly symposium is sponsored by the Mormon Scholars Foundation
and co-sponsored by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship
and the Wheatley Institution.