Now on YouTube: Bonnie Brinton’s 2015 Maxwell Lecture

02.01.2016 | The Maxwell Institute

As a scholar-practitioner of speech-language pathology, Dr. Bonnie Brinton has learned to allowing spiritual and academic insight flow both ways. Her faith sometimes informs her research and her research sometimes informs her faith. For over thirty years she has discovered “small and simple” principles to sustain her contributions to the understanding and treatment of children’s language impairment. Dr. Brinton spoke of her work and faith in the 2015 Neal A. Maxwell Lecture. The lecture is now available on YouTube:
What we learned from working with Jenny offered us some important spiritual insights. Jenny had a lot going on in her life, and her behavior was highly inconsistent. She could not be judged any given day on the basis of how she had behaved the day before. Jenny’s behavior was often challenging, but she was employing new emotional knowledge and language ability to enact small acts of heroism. We could never really know what it felt like to be Jenny, we could only guess. In assessing Jenny’s behavior, we were reminded that only the Lord really knows what is inside of us. Only He can truly evaluate or judge our behavior in any situation. Only the Lord knows our personal contexts and our understanding. Only the Lord can know a person’s intentions or evaluate a person’s behavior. Only the Lord can assess each person’s progress. No wonder the Savior instructed us, ‘Judge not that ye be not judged’