Symposium program on “The History of the Mormon Family” announced

07.18.2014 | The Maxwell Institute

The schedule for the Annual Summer Symposium on Mormon Culture* has been released. The symposium will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm at Brigham Young University. The symposium’s theme is “The History of the Mormon Family.” The schedule is as follows:

TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1–4 pm

Welcome–Claudia Bushman

  • “The Urgent Need of a Home: Rescuing Mormon Girls and Young Women from the City”–Natalie Rose
  • “Shifting Boundaries and Redefining Adulthood: LDS Singles and Their Wards” –Sharon Harris
  • “Conceiving Power and Identity: Natural Birth Narratives and Midwifery in Contemporary Mormonism” –Christine Blythe
  • “Heavenly Mother in Poetry: It’s Possible They’re Projecting”–Rachel Hunt Steenblik

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 1–4 pm

Welcome–Richard Bushman

  • “Home is Where the Exile Is: Ambivalence in the Mormon Settlement of Southern Alberta” –Brooke Brassard
  • “Joining the Club: How Moving to Utah Affected LDS Young Women in the 1980s”–Heather Stone
  • “Siring Gods: The History of Mormon Fertility Rhetoric and Patterns”–Stephen Cranney
  • “Multiplying and Becoming One: Mormon Theological Interpretations of Sex” –Michael Haycock

FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1–4 pm

Welcome–Claudia Bushman

  • “Home Invasion: The Media’s Assault on Youth Culture and the Family and the Mormon Church’s Response” –Tim Hoxha
  • “Reorganizing Eternity: Understanding Brigham Young’s Divorce Doctrine” –Bryce Taylor
  • “Exploring Eternity: Orson Pratt Envisions the Family” –Chase Kirkham


Brigham Young University
Joseph F. Smith Building
Rooms 4186 & 4188

*This yearly symposium is sponsored by the Mormon Scholars Foundation. The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship and the Wheatley Institution are cosponsors. See here for Claudia and Richard Bushman’s introduction to the seminar.