#60—The life of the Lotus Sutra, with Donald S. Lopez, Jr. [MIPodcast]

When the Lotus Sutra arrived in Boston in 1844 the few people who could read it were intrigued by its parables that reminded them of the Bible. For these westerners, the Lotus was like a gateway into a mysterious and profound culture from across the world. But it took a long time to get there, from […]

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#59—Village atheists, with Leigh Eric Schmidt [MIPodcast]

Are you familiar with the New Atheists? The late Christopher Hitchens wrote biting books about religion as “poison,” Richard Dawkins champions a sort of scientism as a replacement for faith, and people like Bill Maher spend time each evening poking fun at the pious. Despite their unofficial “New Atheist” title, they’re perhaps not actually all […]

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#58—Some challenges of religious studies, with Thomas Tweed [MIPodcast]

People are usually more comfortable talking about their strengths rather than their weaknesses. It’s human nature. The same can be said about religious studies. When scholars talk about it, you can expect them to emphasize the positive. But like many academic fields, religious studies also faces challenges. Some come from the outside—say, when schools and […]

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#57—One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly, with Ashley Mae Hoiland [MIPodcast]

One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly is the latest book in the Maxwell Institute’s Living Faith series. In this episode, author Ashley Mae Hoiland joins Blair Hodges, co-editor of the series, to talk about the revelatory nature of writing.

The book is for restless souls who […]

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