Marc Brettler

#25—All about the Jewish Annotated New Testament, with Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Brettler [MIPodcast]

What do Jewish scholars today have to say about the New Testament? The Jewish Annotated New Testament is a landmark piece of scholarship, representing the first time Jewish scholars have annotated and written essays on the complete New Testament. The volume is full of explanatory and contextual footnotes, references to other Jewish works, and a number […]

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#15- Reading the Bible critically and religiously, with Marc Brettler [MIPodcast]

Does academic study of the Bible undermine its value or diminish the religious messages it contains? In 2012, three scholars—a Jew, a Protestant, and a Catholic—came together at the intersection of their academic work on the Bible and their religious faith to discuss that very question. Their outstanding book The Bible and the Believer seeks to demonstrate […]

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