Announcement: “Seek This Jesus” The Maxwell Institute Christology Initiative

05.10.2021 | The Maxwell Institute

Building upon the disciple-scholarship found in The Book of Mormon: brief theological introductions, the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship is pleased to announce a collaborative research initiative and accompanying book series: “Seek This Jesus: The Maxwell Institute Christology Initiative.”  The initiative brings together twelve scholars in a sustained, extended exploration of Christology, the branch of theology that examines Jesus Christ’s character and mission, in light of Latter-day Saint scripture and prophetic teaching.

“Seek This Jesus” is a landmark, foundational effort that aims to inspire Latter-day Saints, advance an essential field in Latter-day Saint studies, and join the larger Christian tradition of theological reflection about Jesus Christ. It answers, in part, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s impassioned apostolic directive to the Institute in 2018 that our work resonates “in every way with [Christ’s] gospel, His grace, His life, and His loving, persistent plea to ‘Come, follow me.’”

Maxwell Institute executive director Spencer Fluhman notes that “nothing quite like this has been attempted in Latter-day Saint scholarship. We trust the initiative will lay a foundation for continued theological reflection well into the future. We’ll invite Latter-day Saints to think along with scholars whose training and convictions help provide additional angles of vision on our deepest commitments. Readers of the Book of Mormon: brief theological introductions should be excited for another round of brilliant, accessible books to help them slow down and dive deeper into the restored gospel.”


Each scholar writing for the series is a witness who displays his or her discipleship, in Elder Maxwell’s memorable phrase, by “works as well as with words.” Their hearts, minds, and academic training will speak to global Christologies that foreground the present-day relevance of Christology to Latter-day Saints and scholars. Initiative scholars include:

Steering Committee:

Spencer Fluhman, Maxwell Institute, BYU (chair)

James Faulconer, Maxwell Institute, BYU

Rosalynde Welch, Maxwell Institute, BYU

Miranda Wilcox, English, BYU 

Additional Authors:

Daniel Becerra, Ancient Scripture, BYU

Timothy Farrant, Theology, Pembroke College, Oxford

Benjamin Keogh, Systematic Theology, University of St. Andrews

Jason Kerr, English, BYU

Jennifer Lane, Maxwell Institute, BYU

Kim Matheson, Theology, Loyola University—Chicago

Adam Miller, Philosophy, Collin College

Joseph Spencer, Ancient Scripture, BYU

Jenny Webb, Philosophy and Religion, Bangor University

The Institute plans to release volumes beginning in early 2026. To introduce the initiative and book series, the Maxwell Institute will offer “Exploring Latter-day Saint Christology” events where interested seekers can get a sneak preview of scholars’ insights and engage with their ideas. Following a pandemic and a long year of uncertainty, we look forward to gathering in small numbers and streaming events via YouTube. For updates, watch our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles and subscribe to our YouTube channel and monthly newsletter.