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Josh Probert is a historian who specializes in American architecture, decorative arts, and the material culture of religion. After receiving BA and MPA degrees from BYU, he pursued a master’s degree from the Program in Religion and the Arts at Yale University, where he was awarded the top student prize, the Dominique de Menil Scholar of Religion and the Arts. In 2014 he received his PhD in American history from the University of Delaware in cooperation with the Winterthur Museum.

Josh currently works as a historic interiors consultant to the LDS Church on various projects related to nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century temples and teaches as an adjunct professor in BYU’s departments of history and art history.

At the Maxwell Institute, he is working on two projects: first, bringing to publication the late Paul L. Anderson’s manuscript Mormon Moderne: Latter-day Saint Architecture, 1890–1955 and second, getting his dissertation, Gilded Religion in the Age of Tiffany, 1877–1932, reworked and published as a book.

[June 2018–June 2019]

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