A few reviews of John L. Sorenson’s Mormon’s Codex

01.08.2014 | The Maxwell Institute

Reviews of John L. Sorenson’s mammoth Mormon’s Codex: An Ancient American Book are starting to roll out—two from the Association for Mormon Letters and one from worldswithoutend.org—and, updated April 23, 2014, a review by Jeff Lindsay:

This book is a treasure trove of information about New World archaeology and how it may relate to the Book of Mormon. It probably won’t convince critics, but as a believer in the Book of Mormon as scripture and as real history, it helped me better visualize the events and people it contains. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in physical evidence for the Book of Mormon and placing it on the map.” —Trevor Holyoak

Read the full review here.

For those who love this area of Mormon studies, the book is a treasure trove of important information. It is not an easy read, but those willing to pay the price will find their experience quite rewarding.” —Roy Schmidt

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“Mormon’s Codex spectacularly brings together the lifelong work of an acclaimed scholar in the field of Book of Mormon archaeology and ancient American research.  Its dense presentation of several hundred artifacts and cultural evidences makes Mormon’s Codex an essential resource for anyone engaged in defending or critiquing the claims of an ancient setting for the Book of Mormon.” —Brian W. Whitney

Read Whitney’s full review here.

“What makes Sorenson’s work so interesting is the abundance of intricate correspondences coupled with insights from the proposed physical setting that repeatedly enhance our understanding of the [Book of Mormon] text.” —Jeff Lindsay

Read Lindsay’s full review here.

In the coming weeks I hope to have Sorenson’s “Ask the Scholar” responses ready to go, so stay tuned.