When I first decided to apply to graduate programs in religious studies rather than linguistics (my undergraduate major), I was worried about finding appropriate ways to explore my research interests in both of these fields and prepare for a career in academia. My time working for Dr. Terryl and Fiona Givens has been a wonderful experience and one that has afforded me the opportunities I was searching for. Their work and guidance has enabled me to grow and learn as a researcher and student of religion, and I’ve been able to combine what I’ve learned in my linguistics program with my interests in Christianity. Working at the Maxwell Institute has allowed me to not only access and learn from some incredible scholars and grow in my academic pursuits, but stretch myself personally. I always try to keep Elder Maxwell’s statement that for “a disciple of Jesus Christ, academic scholarship is a form of worship” in mind as I work. Every assignment from the Givens’ is not only academically beneficial but spiritually challenging, allowing me to further examine my relationship with religion and God in new and meaningful ways. Working as a research assistant at the Maxwell Institute has allowed me to intellectually and spiritually prepare myself for what I hope will be a life in religious academia.