Throughout his life, Logan has grappled with difficult questions that he has been unable to answer. As a research assistant at the Maxwell Institute, however, he was able to utilize his undergraduate experience as an opportunity to explore some of the topics that he found most perplexing. While working with Jim Faulconer, Logan was able to work on cutting-edge research in the field of philosophical theology. Together, they sought to answer questions concerning the nature of God, the atonement, scripture, metaphysics, and faith, showing how these issues might be resolved when contextualized within a framework of the restored gospel. While he learned a great deal during his time at the Maxwell Institute, Logan was most grateful for the meaningful relationships he developed with mentors like Jim Faulconer. In like manner, he was also grateful for the opportunity to develop a more reasoned understanding of the doctrines taught by the restored church of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, he was happy to have worked at the Maxwell Institute as it made his experience at BYU much more personal and meaningful. [2020]