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August 02nd, 2016 | by Blair Hodges

The Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture, 2015 [MIPodcast #50]

In some ways it’s been a lonelier than usual summer at the Maxwell Institute. Since it was founded in 2006 we’ve had the privilege of hosting […]

July 12th, 2016 | by Blair Hodges

#49—The unexpected life of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, with Bruce Gordon [MIPodcast]

When the Protestant Reformer John Calvin published his book Institutes of the Christian Religion in the 1500s, he couldn’t have anticipated the incredibly different purposes […]

July 07th, 2016 | by Blair Hodges

“How can I be Christian if it doesn’t have any impact on what’s going to happen for African Americans?” (MIPodcast Moments)

BLAIR HODGES: That takes us to the topic of black theology. In your book Down In the Valley you talk little bit about James Cone, who is a […]

June 21st, 2016 | by Blair Hodges

#48—(Almost) all about African American religious history, with Julius H. Bailey [MIPodcast]

What do you know about African American religious history? Julius H. Bailey joins us in this episode to talk about his new overview, Down in […]

June 07th, 2016 | by Blair Hodges

#47—The spiritual lives of America’s “Nones,” with Elizabeth Drescher [MIPodcast]

If you surveyed Americans, asking them to identify themselves as: A) Catholic B) Muslim C) Evangelical D) Mormon …and so on, an increasing number will […]

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