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September 08th, 2015 | by Blair Hodges

#31—Religious tolerance in American history, with Chris Beneke and Christopher Grenda [MIPodcast]

Everyone knows the classic story of how America was founded by pilgrims and puritans fleeing oppressive lands in search of religious freedom. The problem is […]

August 18th, 2015 | by Blair Hodges

#30—Terryl and Fiona Givens on The Crucible of Doubt [MIPodcast]

Terryl and Fiona Givens joined me back in July of 2013 for the first episode of the Maxwell Institute Podcast, and it seems fitting that […]

July 28th, 2015 | by Blair Hodges

#29—Adam Miller’s Grace is Not God’s Backup Plan [MIPodcast]

gracePaul’s New Testament letter to the Romans is one of the most important Christian writings ever recorded. The passage of time has obscured the letter’s […]

July 07th, 2015 | by Blair Hodges

#28—The parables of Jesus, with Amy-Jill Levine [MIPodcast]

Amy-Jill Levine is a Jewish scholar with a deep love for the New Testament. Her latest book is a detailed, scholarly, and witty investigation of […]

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