Marilyn Arnold’s 2011 Neal A. Maxwell lecture, “The Book of Mormon: Passport to Discipleship,” now available

06.17.2013 | The Maxwell Institute

The fifth annual Neal A. Maxwell lecture was delivered by BYU emeritus professor of English Marilyn Arnold on March 10, 2011. In this devotional address, Arnold describes how her love of literary scholarship meshed with her developing views of Christian discipleship as she discovered literary richness in the Book of Mormon.

I knew it was time to study the Book of Mormon with, at the very least, the same intensity that I had devoted to the study of literary texts and lives. I also knew it was time to raise my life to a higher spiritual plane, to cast off anything superficial or incompatible with pure pursuit of divine truth in the Book of Mormon.”  –Marilyn Arnold

A transcript of Arnold’s lecture is available here.

The Institute’s annual Neal A. Maxwell lecture series features selected speakers who focus on the relationship between scholarship and Christian discipleship as inspired by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Other posted videos from this series include Alan C. Ashton and James S. Jardine. Videos of the remaining four lectures are forthcoming.