POSTPONED—“Gift & Power”: Joseph Smith and the Construction of Ancient Scripture

Friday, March 20

9 AM—6 PM

Education in Zion Theater (JFSB)

*This event has been postponed.*

Joseph Smith was the first prophet, seer, and revelator of the Restoration. But the prophet was also uniquely called to the office of “translator.” (See D&C 124: 94, 125.) In the work of Joseph Smith, new revelations from heaven joined newly recovered revelations of the past.

This conference draws from some of the latest scholarship on the translation of the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, and more. Presentations are based on the coinciding publication of a new book on the subject, Producing Ancient Scripture: Joseph Smith’s Translation Projects in the Development of Mormon Christianity (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, forthcoming 2020).


9:00 am–10:30 am
Chair: Kate Holbrook

Samuel Brown, “Seeing the Voice of God: The Book of Mormon on Its own Translation”

Amy Easton Flake, “Reconfiguring the Archives: Women and the Social Production of the Book of Mormon”

11:00 am–12:30 pm
Chair: Jenny Reeder

Christopher Blythe, “‘By the Gift and Power of God’: Translation and the Gifts of the Spirit”

Mark Ashurst-McGee and Don Bradley, “‘President Joseph has Translated a Portion’: Joseph Smith and the Mistranslation of the Kinderhook Plates”

2:00 pm–3:30 pm
Chair: Janiece Johnson

David Grua, “The Tarrying of the Beloved Disciple: The Textual Formation of the Account of John in D&C 7”

Gerrit Dirkmaat, “Lost Scripture and the ‘Interpolations of Men’: Joseph Smith’s Revelation on the Apocrypha (D&C 91)”

4:00 pm–5:30 pm
Chair: Kerry Muhlestein

Matthew Grey, “Approaching Egyptian Papyri through Biblical Language: Joseph Smith’s Use of Hebrew in His Translation of the Book of Abraham”

Thomas A. Wayment, “A Recovered Resource: The Use of Adam Clarke’s Bible Commentary in Joseph Smith’s Bible Translation”

5:30 pm–6:00 pm
Michael MacKay, moderator

*schedule subject to change


BYU Religious Studies Center

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