Kate Holbrook, “The Weight of Legacy: A Disciple-Scholar’s View”

Saturday, November 7

7 PM (MST)


WATCH: youtube.com/themaxwellinstitute

Kate Holbrook has accepted the invitation to present the 2020 Neal A. Maxwell Lecture. Its online premiere will include live Q&A with Dr. Holbrook.

As residents of a city on a hill, we must not hide our lights under a bushel. In more contemporary terms, we feel called to leave a mark on the world for good, to “make the world a better place.”

But John Winthrop’s city on a hill metaphor was from a sermon less about being an example and more about selfless cooperation. Christ’s purpose for the light above the bushel was to shine so that others in the house could share that essential resource.

In our lives, concerns about legacy can quickly undermine our noblest intentions, break our sense of self and community, and breed toxic competition. Fixation on legacy can hamper both scholarship and discipleship in complex and interacting ways. But the disciple’s path can help scholars and non-scholars alike—allowing us to handle our failures, and even our success, in beneficial and holy ways.

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