Brown Bag Wednesday, with Christopher Blythe

Wednesday, August 14

12 PM

EB 402

The Institute’s own Christopher Blythe is leading brown bag this week. Here’s his description of what we’ll be going over together:

I’ll be discussing two Latter-day Saint women activists who established the Women’s Peace Army in Salt Lake City in 1936. One of these women was Lerona Wilson, a visionary/medium and a disabled dressmaker, who dictated a series of visions from 1913 to the 1940s. The other is Rosabel Ashton, an aspiring author, who recorded Wilson’s visions before becoming the head of the Women’s Peace Army. The Army, consisting largely of high school and university students, held actual military drills and declared themselves willing to fight in the next war. As pacifists, their hope was that the public would choose peace rather than see young women die. After Wilson’s death, Ashton would publish the prophetess’s visions in what I believe is the first Mormon-related science-fiction novel, Magog of Arana. I discovered the work of these two women last year and, while a full study will be taken up in a future project, I would like to share with the group some preliminary thoughts about their importance.