LECTURE—Terryl L. Givens, “Worlds Without End”

Monday, December 9

4 PM

Varsity Theater (WILK)

This is the final lecture in a four-part series by Terryl Givens called “The Choice to Believe.”

Our heavenly parents have the desire and the capacity to save and exalt the entire human family. Vicarious temple work is but one index of the unparalleled generosity of vision Joseph brought to the project of Restoration. Perhaps the most significant originality of Restoration teachings, however, is the thoroughgoing redefinition of salvation itself. Neither a simple reward for righteousness, nor a gift to believers, but an actual condition of godly relationship in which we are tutored, life becomes a genuine school in which, as William Blake wrote, “we learn to bear the beams of love.” Becoming holy beings of infinite empathy, as Enoch foretasted in his ascension, rather than ambitious entities of power and dominion, is the true meaning of the theosis toward which Restoration scriptures invite us.

9/23—Lecture 1, “The Doors of Faith” | 4 PM
10/21—Lecture 2, “Awful Woundedness”  | 4 PM
11/18—Lecture 3, “Great Plan of Happiness”  | 4 PM
12/9—Lecture 4, “Worlds Without End”  | 4 PM

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