The Legal Cases in the Book of Mormon

The Legal Cases in the Book of Mormon begins with a discussion of important background information, including legal practices in the ancient Near East, the ideal of righteous judgment, and the legal cases recorded in the Bible. John W. Welch then devotes a chapter to each of the legal cases in the Book of Mormon—from the formative cases of Sherem and Abinadi to the landmark trials of Nehor and Korihor, the wrenching prosecution of Alma and Amulek, and the politicized proceedings of Paanchi and Seantum.


About the Author

John W. Welch

John W. Welch (J.D., Duke University) is the Robert K. Thomas Professor of Law at Brigham Young University's J. Reuben Clark Law School, editor in chief of BYU Studies, and director of publications for the university's Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for LDS History. He is the founder of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies. He serves on the executive committee of the Biblical Law Section of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword and Personal Acknowledgements
  • Entering the Ancient Legal World
  • Queries and Prospects
  • The Ideal of Righteous Judgment
  • Judicial Procedures in Biblical Times
  • The Case of Sherem
  • The Trial of Abinadi
  • The Trial of Nehor
  • The Trial of Alma and Amulek
  • The Trial of Korihor
  • Comparing Sherem, Nehor, and Korihor
  • The Case of Paanchi
  • The Trial of Seantum
  • Judicial Punishments: Types and Rationales
  • Closing Statement
  • Appendix 1: Legal Proceedings in the Old Testament
  • Appendix 2: Legal Proceedings in the Book of Mormon
  • Bibliography
  • Citation Index
  • Subject Index
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Publication Information

  • Subject: Book of Mormon
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: English,
  • ISBN 13: 9780842527125
  • Page Count: 521
  • Imprint: Brigham Young University Press

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