Reexploring the Book of Mormon

A Decade of New Research


The Book of Mormon invites exploration and reexploration. After more than 150 years of careful reading, we are still learning to appreciate its fullness, understand its origins, and comprehend its messages. Reexploring the Book of Mormon yields a wealth of new insights. More than ever before, patient and skillful research during the past decade has led from one discovery to another. Since 1981, the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.) has issued articles and updates—brief, readable reports on current discoveries about the origins and contents of the Book of Mormon. Eighty-five of these findings published through 1991 have been collected in this volume. This type of research does more than gather circumstantial evidence for the Book of Mormon. It explores many avenues of the record’s internal complexity. It helps define the rich literary, anthropological, historical, and spiritual settings in which this scripture was written and translated.


About the Author

John W. Welch

John W. Welch (J.D., Duke University) is the Robert K. Thomas Professor of Law at Brigham Young University's J. Reuben Clark Law School, editor in chief of BYU Studies, and director of publications for the university's Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for LDS History. He is the founder of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies. He serves on the executive committee of the Biblical Law Section of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Table of Contents

  • How Long Did It Take to Translate the Book of Mormon?
  • The Original Book of Mormon Transcript
  • Colophons in the Book of Mormon
  • Two Figurines From the Belleza and Sanchez Collection
  • Textual Consistency
  • Lehi's Council Vision and the Mysteries of God
  • The Book of Mormon and the Heavenly Book Motif
  • Old World Languages in the New World
  • Columbus: By Faith or Reason?
  • The Plain and Precious Parts
  • Nephi's Bows and Arrows
  • Lodestone and the Liahona
  • Lehi's Trail and Nahom Revisited
  • Winds and Currents: A Look at Nephi's Ocean Crossing
  • Did Lehi Land in Chile?
  • Statutes, Judgments, Ordinances, and Commandments
  • Kingship and Temple in 2 Nephi 5-10
  • Jacob's Ten Commandments
  • What Did Charles Anthon Really Say?
  • Textual Criticism of the Book of Mormon
  • Parallelism, Merismus, and Difrasismo
  • View of the Hebrews: "An Unparallel"
  • No, Sir, That's Not History!
  • Seven Tribes: An Aspect of Lehi's Legacy
  • Antenantiosis in the Book of Mormon
  • Once More: The Horse
  • Lost Arts
  • What Was a "Mosiah"?
  • Ancient Europeans in America?
  • "Latest Discoveries"
  • The Ideology of Kingship in Mosiah 1-6
  • "This Day"
  • Benjamin's Speech: A Classic Ancient Farewell Address
  • The Coronation of Kings
  • "O Man, Remember, and Perish Not" (Mosiah 4:30)
  • Barley in Ancient America
  • Decorative Iron in Early Israel
  • Abinadi and Pentecost
  • Dancing Maidens and the Fifteenth of Av
  • New Information about Mulek, Son of the King
  • Four Quarters
  • Three Accounts of Alma's Conversion
  • Joseph Smith: "Author and Proprietor"
  • The Law of Mosiah
  • Possible "Silk" and "Linen" in the Book of Mormon
  • Epanalepsis in the Book of Mormon
  • Antithetical Parallelism in the Book of Mormon
  • The Land of Jerusalem: The Place of Jesus' Birth
  • The Nephite Calendar in Mosiah, Alma, and Helaman
  • The Destruction of Ammonihah and the Law of Apostate Cities
  • Ammon and Cutting Off the Arms of Enemies
  • Directions in Hebrew, Egyptian, and Nephite Language
  • "A Day and a Half's Journey for a Nephite"
  • Exemption from Military Duty
  • Synagogues in the Book of Mormon
  • The Sons of the Passover
  • Conference on Warfare in the Book of Mormon
  • "Holy War" in the Book of Mormon and the Ancient Near East
  • Symbolic Action as Prophetic Curse
  • New Year's Celebrations
  • Concrete Evidence for the Book of Mormon
  • Mesoamericans in Pre-Spanish South America
  • Mesoamericans in Pre-Columbian North America
  • Wordprints and the Book of Mormon
  • "Secret Combinations"
  • Chiasmus in Helaman 6:7-13
  • Chiasmus in Mesoamerican Texts
  • Nephi's Garden and Chief Market
  • Was Helaman 7-8 An Allegorical Funeral Sermon?
  • The Case of an Unobserved Murder
  • Mormon's Agenda
  • Thieves and Robbers
  • The Execution of Zemnarihah
  • The Sermon at the Temple
  • The Gospel as Taught by Nephite Prophets
  • Getting Things Strai[gh]t
  • Prophecy Among the Maya
  • The Survivor and the Will to Bear Witness
  • Mormon and Moroni as Authors and Abridgers
  • Number 24
  • The "Golden" Plates
  • Hebrew and Uto-Aztecan: Possible Linguistic Connections
  • Words and Phrases
  • Our Nephite Sacrament Prayers
  • Climactic Forms in the Book of Mormon
  • Introduction
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Publication Information

  • Subject: Book of Mormon
  • Publication Year: 1992
  • Language: English,
  • ISBN 13: 978-0875796000
  • Page Count: 328
  • Price: $ 14.95
  • Imprint: FARMS

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