Eloquent Witness

Nibley on Himself, Others, and the Temple


Table of Contents

  • Illustrations
  • Key to Abbreviations
  • Foreword
  • Some Very Vital Statistics
  • An Intellectual Autobiography
  • Hugh Nibley: The Faithful Scholar
  • Nibliography
  • A Conversation with Hugh Nibley
  • Hugh Nibley and Kimball Hansen: Candidates for the "Search Society"
  • A Legendary Passion for Books and Languages
  • Nibley Talks about Contemporary Issues
  • Review of Our Book of Mormon
  • Review of The Ancient World
  • Review of History of Syria
  • Review of Near Eastern Culture and Society
  • Review of The Torment of Secrecy
  • Foreword to Learn Greek through the New Testament
  • Foreword to Working toward Zion
  • The Christmas Quest
  • Nobody to Blame
  • Dear Sterling
  • The Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley
  • Not to Worry
  • The Last Days, Then and Now
  • The Word of Wisdom: A Commentary on Doctrine and Covenants 89
  • A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
  • Turning the Time Over to . . . Priesthood
  • Tribute to Krešimir Ćosić
  • Graveside Service Address for Joel Erik Myres
  • The Greatness of Egypt
  • Meanings and Functions of Temples
  • A House of Glory
  • On the Sacred and the Symbolic
  • Assembly and Atonement
  • Abraham's Temple Drama
  • Temples Everywhere
  • Index of Passages
  • Index of Subjects
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Publication Information

  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: English,
  • ISBN 10: 1606410032
  • ISBN 13: 978-1606410035
  • Page Count: 544
  • Price: $ 36.5
  • Imprint: Deseret Book

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